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Winning with Horses from the Inside Out

Charlie has worked extensively across the Equestrian industry helping both individuals and team excel in their own discipline. He works 1:1 with clients and regularly does talks for the BHS. 

Helping Equestrians Excel

Charlie is an Equestrian Psychology Coach who is passionate to help individuals and corporations maximise their performance 
through applied psychology training.

Charlie works with both riders and coaches. He regularly holds talks and workshops with other equestrian professionals around the country and online to educate people about how they can learn and apply psychology to their everyday training.

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Charlie has worked with a number of equestrian athletes individually, as well as Team GB Riders, the BHS and Team GB Pentathlon.


I have found Charlie's talks really help me get into the right frame of mind. Last year he helped my season jump into gear with at least a win per week for the first couple of months. I also find it interesting to understand more about the way my mind and character works in competition.

Vittoria Panizzon

Double Olympian & 4* Event Rider

Since working with Charlie I now recognise how many factors influence our mental state as riders.  This has changed my approach to competition and taking control of my own performance, not just the horse’s, has played a big part in improving my results.

Sharon Hunt

Olympic Bronze Medalist

Charlie has a lovely, easy manner. Keeping things simple, he provides a fascinating and logical image to pursue using his “Bubble Analysis” to structure it in our minds. As a coach as well as a rider I found it absorbingly interesting.”

Lucinda Green MBE

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Client Reviews

Working with Charlie and his Inside Out approach has been instrumental to my performances in Tokyo.

Sophie Wells OBE, four-time Paralympic gold medallist


My sport involves split-second timing and decision making. His Inside Out approach brilliant illustrates how your mind really can triumph over matter.

Frankie Dettori MBE,

champion jockey


I had the pleasure of listening

to Charlie during a British Eventing Coaching Day.  I found his presentation fascinating and stimulating.  He had a very practical approach, and I learnt a great deal. I think Charlie’s message is very useful for both riders and coaches and should help them to develop themselves.  It will certainly help both riders and coaches to perform under pressure.

Yogi Breisner

TeamGB Performance Manager

Riding competitively is a constant roller-coaster of ups and downs. Charlie has really helped me with this over the years and has given me the tools to help me keep my focus and thrive under pressure.

Coral Keen

4* Event Rider


I have been working with Charlie for 6 years now and he has been instrumental in giving me the tools I need to compete at a professional level.  I couldn't recommend him highly enough and look forward to working with him as my career progresses. 

 Annabella Pidgley

Grand Prix dressage rider, multiple European medallist

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Centre10 was created by Charlie Unwin and Sarah Huntley aimed to help coaches and rider be the best they can be.

 Centre10 has condensed the field of performance psychology that make the biggest difference to sporting performance into key components. This is available in 3 courses, one for riders and a Foundation and Advanced programme for Coaches.


Win The Mind Game - for Riders

WTMG is an 8 week online programme deliver by Charlie Unwin and Steffi Dampney with content on the core areas of applied sport psychology specifically for the equestrian athlete.

Courses for Coaches

Centre10 have also designed 12-week to 6-month long courses designed to help equestrian coaches and professionals maximise the psychological potential of their riders. 

Inside Out

- Train your mind and nerve like a champion.

In any high-pressure environment, from special operations to the operating theatre, you can divide people into two groups - those whose performance is controlled from the outside in and those who control their performance from the inside out.

Combining his unique experience as a performance psychologist with a blend of cutting-edge science and conventional wisdom, Charlie takes you on a journey through the three dimensions that shape your inner world - the Thinking Dimension, the Feeling Dimension and the Intuitive Dimension.



Charlie makes a highly compelling case for the importance of temperament, metal poise and self-awareness to performance. And he tells us how to get there. A "must read" for anybody who wants to excel!

- General Sir peter Wall, former Chief of General Staff to the British Army

Inside Out provides a very modern approach to personal leadership, packed with valuable insights blended from sceince, conventional wisdom and Charlie's own unique experience.

- David Nicol, former CEO, Brewin Dolphin

This book will help you in those key moments that define the difference between success and failure.

- Joe Choong, MBE, Olympic champion, Tokyo 2020

Inside Out
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About the Video

State of Mind explores the inner world of equestrian competition and how different psychological states might be serving to help or hinder your performance in the saddle. 


With lessons from some of the world’s top performers in equestrian sport and beyond, Charlie will demonstrate the extraordinary versatility of our minds, helping you to perceive your own mind not as a hindrance, but as one of the most powerful tools you have. (full description...)

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"Wow! Totally brilliant and I took loads away from it.”  

“My daughter was totally inspired by your talk and has been avidly developing her training notes since she listened to you.”

“I CAN THOROUGHLY RECOMMEND Charlie’s talk. Excellent content delivered in a lively upbeat manner very engaging for all ages and not just equestrians.” 

“Many of the skills talked about will be useful for life, school, sitting exams and of course riding. I'm a keen golfer and found the presentation really informative about training, preparation and rhythm.” 

“Definitely worth the money. Lots of easy nuggets so easy to apply. Making plans right now!” 

“I enjoyed it so much I am planning on attending another one before it finishes, and hopefully bring along some friends!!” 
“It really was a fantastic evening!” 

“I came last night to hear your talk and I wanted to say it was 100% worth it. Your content and delivery was first class and our whole group came away with more knowledge and inspiration.” 

“Very thought-provoking.” 

“Charlie says all the things as a parent that you want to say, but just can't find the right words or right time to say them.” 

“Worth every penny and more.”
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 Premium  'Winning the Mind Game in Training'. Explore the mental habits of highly effective riders in training to help you make huge gains in competition.

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 Watch now  Amy Williams MBE and Charlie talk Mindset - how to notice where your mindset is at, and how to improve it! 

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