Winning the Mind Game in Business

Simple principles
applied effectively.

Charlie has exceptional experience in the field of human performance and psychology, offering 1:1 coaching, team development and masterclasses in Personal Leadership and Performance. 


Charlie’s clients include multiple Olympic champions, Premier League coaches & teams, global businesses and elite military forces.

"Charlie has been lead facilitator on a leadership development program recently deployed with our Top 150 leaders in Central & Southern Europe.

I would endorse him for any organisation who require a leadership development expert with the right blend of energy, humility and expertise required to make your leaders feel comfortable to open their self to change and development."

Stephen Mulvenna

Group Head of Talent Acquisition at Coca-Cola

Services & Products

Charlie offers a unique blend of theory and application to topics including:

Performing with Resilience  |  Staying Focused Under Pressure  |  Accelerated Learning & Improvement

Creating a Motivational Climate for Teams  |  Managing Success and Failure  |  Getting the Best From Others

Article: Winning After Winning

Teams come in many forms, and the team behind the athlete is no less critical than those who line up next to each other on the field of play. What can this teach us in business?


Charlie works with a number of high profile organisations across both public and private sectors.


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