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Winning in Business from the Inside Out

Charlie has exceptional experience in the field of human performance and psychology, offering 1:1 coaching, team development and masterclasses in Personal Leadership and Performance. 

"Simple principles
applied world class."
Charlie Unwin
Working with your Team

Charlie offers talks, workshops and unique learning experiences around the following topics:

Performing with Resilience  |  Staying Focused Under Pressure  |  Accelerated Learning & Improvement

Creating a Motivational Climate for Teams  |  Managing Success and Failure  |  Getting the Best From Others



Bespoke Workshops

Learning Experiences for your Team


Charlie works with a number of high profile organisations across both the public and private sectors.

See What They Say...

"Charlie has been lead facilitator on a leadership development program recently deployed with our Top 150 leaders in Central & Southern Europe.

I would endorse him for any organisation who require a leadership development expert with the right blend of energy, humility and expertise required to make your leaders feel comfortable to open their self to change and development."


Stephen Mulvenna

Group Head of Talent Acquisition at Coca-Cola

“Charlie is a true professional and we cannot recommend him highly enough. He has been instrumental in helping us transform our business and we look forward to working with him in the future.”

Carmel Murphy

HR Director, Arnotts, Dublin

“Charlie is an innovative and inspiring coach who thinks holistically about the components of high performance. He has partnered with me on top talent events to help raise confidence, courage, personal brand, resilience and overall performance for individuals. A credible, knowledgeable and focused speaker whom I would certainly recommend.”

Terry Jones

Director of Learning & Development

CHUBB Europe, Eurasia & Africa


“This is one of the best workshops I have ever been on and I found the whole day very thought provoking. The main thing for me was that day was all about me as a person, my mindset, how I respond to pressure, what I control and what I need to do differently in order to be or become resilient. With the techniques that I learned on the day I feel more equipped to apply this back into the workplace.”

Glenda Briggs

Regional HR Partner - Sainsbury's


“Charlie’s presentation to Linklaters’ corporate lawyers was a highlight of our conference this year. His experience in the army, as a sportsman and as a performance psychologist enable him to offer some unique insights and practical guidance to improve individual and group performance. I still refer to his presentation today.”

Owen Clay

Linklaters Partner, Corporate Group Leader


“Right from our first meeting, I loved the way Charlie combined his elite performance background, his client experience and his psychology expertise. It's a powerful combination of knowledge across sport, business and people.


He has a strong focus on great learning, and also retains a really human side that makes his sessions great fun. A wonderful person to add to your team. Highly recommended.”

Mark Swain

Director of Partnerships, Henley Business School


“Charlie was one of the best speakers I have experienced at the Henley Business School."

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Wendy Hay


Business Intro

What's New?

Article: Winning after Winning

Teams come in many forms, and the team behind the athlete is no less critical than those who line up next to each other on the field of play. What can this teach us in business?

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Podcast: Business Leaders

Forget Fight or Flight: embrace the challenge mindset. “I think we associate stress with negative fear and panic anxiety – having a challenge-response trains us to feel excitement more than fear towards what we’re doing”

Gowling Podcast
6 Lesson from Sport to Business

Charlie discusses 6 key lessons that businesses can learn from high performance athletes.

Carmel Murphy

HR Director, Arnotts, Dublin

Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh talk about their experiences with success and failure

James Guy discusses Respect in sport and business

Charlie and Paul McVeigh discuss Confidence 

Talking Tenacity with Sam Quek

Ebony Rainford-Brent talks about Leading with Example

Amy Conroy talks about the similarities in sport and business when it comes to Constant Self Improvement

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