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Winning in Sport from the Inside Out

Charlie has built a special reputation helping athletes and teams achieve their potential more consistently under the pressure of competition. Charlie combines his passion for psychology with his applied experience within the military and elite sport. 

“For me, performance psychology is about helping athletes perform consistently at their best under the pressure of competition. This typically requires us to have belief in our potential, create and execute a clear game plan and focus effectively on the things that count under pressure.


In addition to this we must remember that individuals perform largely as a function of their environment making it important to work closely with coaches, performance staff, parents and governing bodies”

Charlie Unwin



See What they Say...

My sport involves split-second timing and decision making. Inside Out brilliant illustrates how your mind really can triumph over matter.

Frankie Dettori MBE,

Champion Jockey

Charlie has helped me as a fighter pilot, as an advanced fast jet instructor and, more generally, in the way I live life.

Group Captain Rob Caine MBE, RAF fighter pilot

Charlie's Inside out approach is immensely valuable. I have learned so much from him.

Joe Choong, MBE, Olympic champion, Tokyo 2020

Charlie is a performance psychology expert, he played a huge role in helping me to achieve my goal of becoming an Olympic champion.

Kate French, MBE, Olympic champion, Tokyo 2020

Charlie's Inside out approach is immensely valuable. I have learned so much from him.

Lizzy Yarnold OBE, double Olympic champion

Charlie in the Media

BBC Interview


Listen to Charlie being interviewed on the BBC about how psychology training is used to enhance performance in sport.

Winning After Winning.png

Article: Winning After Winning

Teams come in many forms, and the team behind the athlete is no less critical than those who line up next to each other on the field of play. 

UPerform - "How can visualisation improve athletic performance?"


Listen to Charlie and Amy Williams MBE talk about the skills and tips to master Visualisation in your sporting performance.


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