“Charlie is a true professional and we cannot recommend him highly enough. He has taken the time to get to know the organisation and the individuals and really cares about people and how he can help them perform better and ultimately impact on team and organisational performance. On a one to one basis or on programme delivery Charlie very quickly gains people’s trust through his ability to question, listen, support and challenge individuals and groups in a non-threatening way.

Charlie has been instrumental in helping us transform our business and we look forward to working with him in the future.”

Carmel Murphy

HR Director, Arnotts, Dublin

“Right from our first meeting, I loved the way Charlie combined his elite performance background, his client experience and his psychology expertise. It's a powerful combination of knowledge across sport, business and people. He has a strong focus on great learning, and also retains a really human side that makes his sessions great fun. A wonderful person to add to your team. Highly recommended.”

Mark Swain

Director of Partnerships

Henley Business School

“This is one of the best workshops I have ever been on and I found the whole day very thought provoking. The main thing for me was that day was all about me as a person, my mindset, how I respond to pressure, what I control and what I need to do differently in order to be or become resilient. With the techniques that I learned on the day I feel more equipped to apply this back into the workplace.”

Glenda Briggs

Regional HR Partner, Sainsbury's

“Charlie ran a High Performing Teams workshop using a target shooting activity as a vehicle for understanding how we operate under pressure and the impact that different types of goals have on how we manage our focus. Charlie was very good at engaging us with the subject and very creative in how he got us to improve our performance over the course of the session.  


Operators are a challenging group of people to work with but Charlie made it a very impactful session for all of us. We were talking about it for a long time afterwards and the concepts have remained invaluable to the team.”

Mark Whitley

Managing Director, BT Operate



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