Personal Performance

A highly practical and insightful course exploring the principles of personal resilience and how it relates to performance in the workplace



This is a highly practical and insightful course exploring the principles of personal resilience and how it relates to performance in the workplace.


Combining cutting-edge research with unique insights from the world of elite sport and business, delegates will develop an awareness of the various components that contribute towards staying effective under pressure. In doing so, delegates will leave with practical tools to help them thrive, not just survive. 

Suitable for

Individuals and teams wishing to rise to the challenge and optimise their performance under pressure.

Key Objectives

Identify your key sources of pressure and what you have to be resilient to


Recognise how you are predisposed to deal with pressure differently to others


Explore a host of strategies for:

– Performing intelligently and thinking correctly under pressure

– Handling distractions and interferences
– Managing ener and staying motivated
– Controlling emotions and channelling them positively

– Achieving coherent states of mind using biofeedback
– Managing con dence and developing self-belief
– Learning effectively from success and failure
– Developing world-class habits and improving intuitive judgement

– Making more effective lifestyle choices 

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