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Getting the best from your riders

Developing the coach as a psychologist

Coaches play a pivotal role in identifying and enhancing the talents of a rider. No successful athlete has ever achieved their potential without the skill of a great coach or mentor. This one-day workshop combines cutting edge research with practical application in order to enhance the impact coaches can have with their riders. We will be focusing on how coaches can help develop the psychological attributes that contribute to enhanced performance in competition, including insights into:

- Understanding and adapting to the psychological needs of a rider 
- Applying the principles of Accelerated Learning into day-to-day practice
- Developing the riders mindset for performance and competition
- Developing a riders ability to successfully transfer training into competition
- Help riders deal effectively with nerves and thrive in competition
- Work effectively with parents, owners and other influencers 

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There are currently no dates for this workshop. To arrange a private session or workshop, please contact us directly.

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