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Keeping Safety in Mind

For coaches, safety is drilled in from the beginning, and your riders need to feel that they are getting the most support out of you. As you already know, poor technical application can lead to safety concerns, however, believe it or not, poor psychological application can too!

Researchers show us that in rugby, a lack of commitment was just as likely to cause tackle injuries than poor technique! Ouch! So, when it comes to horses, are riders putting themselves in danger if they are not assertive and confident in their plan? I would argue yes!

We know that horses behave differently when there is no one being assertive, even the army claims, “it’s better to have an average plan with 100% commitment than a perfect plan with 60% commitment”!

So, we know that being assertive and knowing your plan is important when riding, but if your rider is unsure about the right response to a plan, I would always suggest they get technical support first. Then once they have the building blocks, you can incorporate building clarity, commitment, and confidence in the plan!

So, all in all, when talking safety in riders technical and psychological support are both as important as each other, just because you teach a rider what the safe thing to do is, it doesn't mean they do it safely!


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