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Do you control your performance, or does it control you?

Do you control your own performance, or does it control you? Top tips on an Inside Out Mindset approach.

In any high pressure situation there are two modes of being, those whose performance is controlled from the outside in, and those who control their performance from the inside out.

Mastery means everything you can control and improve, it is an internal measure of success. How you feel a movement went, or a course, or a game. What you can improve on it and how.

Metrics are a way of measuring your progress, but not the outcome itself. These are the lines you jump, the speed at which you run or how many balls you kick into the net.

Outcome is the external measure of success and achieving results as defined by the outside world. This is where you see the medals, the scoreboard, the 1st, 2nd and 3rds. It is so easy to get caught up on these, but it is more important to focus on an Inside Out mindset instead...

The Inside Out approach focuses on Mastery, getting the basics right and building on that. The outside in approach focuses on outcomes. The performance reviews, statistics and analysis measure the impact you had, but they tell you nothing of how it was achieved. It normal and sometimes obvious to focus on the outcome, but this has a massive impact on your mindset, and ultimately your performance!

Top Tips for an Inside Out Approach

- Stay focused on the core skills, techniques and processes for achieving a successful outcome.

This will help you to stay focused on the controllable present.

- Pay attention to the quality of your input and be curious as to what you could do better. These are the things you can ultimately control in any situation.

Make sure you control your performance, not your performance controls you!


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